Little Secrets EP

by Fille Fatale

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released March 22, 2014

Music by Fille Fatale, Lyrics by Reece Druiven, Recorded @ Post Hoc Studios 2013-14, Mixed/Mastered by Reece Druiven, Special Thanks to Callum Jenkins.
Fille Fatale are Reece Druiven, Matt Jensen, Fletcher McHugh and Hayden Druiven.

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Fille Fatale Melbourne, Australia

Fille Fatale are an Emo band from Melbourne's South East, formed 2012.

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Track Name: Elegies in Comic Sans
"So this is loneliness:
to not care at all.
Broken and motionless,
lending myself to a
state of loathing.
Why does it always burn
in the pit of my stomach?
I carry it around like a scar.
So this is loneliness"
Track Name: Des Moines, Your Home
"And maybe
we'll soar like kites -
two leaky jars of timpani,
lost not, want not sympathy
from a world that will give us not
but the warm embrace
of a rainy day
and the promise your smile
will ever stay.

I can feel my heartbeat in my eyes.

Tread carefully:
social potholes fore-by.
And if at night
a star plummets at each
thought of your touch
then moon would know
what it is to breathe loneliness.
Let painted skies of butterflies
prompt a sense of dooming,
when your sense of grooming
is your swan song."
Track Name: Melancholia
"I'll write you a symphony with a chord.
Waiting is a'ainst my veins
when the world hangs on your word.
Like glass, I'm breaking -
my words verbal scars from whence my cheeks.
And that cavity of blood,
with teeth of shards,
provokes anxiety.

Misery is my medicine,
and you are a thorn stuck in my heel
that pains me every second step.
Panic is a morphine,
and you are the heart within my chest
that pains me every waking breath.

I'm as much as killer
of a can-do attitude
as you are a toaster to
the water of my bath.
You're just full of shocks
and surprises, ain't you?
Well I've got one too:
all your friends talk behind your back,
oh, and I never loved you.

I'm still hiding and look at me;
don't you see what you want to see?
Many festive states pre-existed inside of me.
We're all born unfree."
Track Name: Shrink Ray
"Fire ever burns so cold
when losing blood in leisure -
confusing sex with love.
But leaky palms are so du jour
when a neurotic female who dubs amore
spread legs calls you love.
But then again, what's 'love'?

I'm struggling to find reasons
to keep razor from skin.
Swept up in lucid dreams again.
Happiness contains prospects
of undying ends;
self-predicating loneliness.

I think I need a shrink.
Insecurities tear me apart.
These thoughts will be the death of me,
these thoughts will means the end of me.
They say "keep calm and carry on,"
when I'm overcome.

When excess flight versus fight
becomes a recipe for two pills
just to sleep at night,
self-prescribe one for the day.
She said "what a lazy lover!"
For that I could blame you;
it's a chore to love a whore,
but you make it nothing more
than a cakewalk.

An angel ought to
tell a guy her secrets.
An angel ought to
tell a guy her secrets.
An angel ought to tell the guy
who lost his heart the moment
he laid eyes on you:
what's your secret?

Love-bites under your collar?
Little secrets.
Bruises on your tailbone?
Little secrets.
I know you took the time
to fuck some guy
behind my back.
I see it in your eyes.
And I'm dead inside -
and that's *my* secret.
That's my secret."