Demo 2012

by Fille Fatale

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released December 21, 2012



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Fille Fatale Melbourne, Australia

Fille Fatale are an Emo band from Melbourne's South East, formed 2012.

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Track Name: Eudaimon
Try and take away
my cognitive ability
with a diluted cocktail of antidepressants -
'loco medication'.
And I am a husk of my former self,
entrapped in a cloud that
does nothing but shroud
a loose grip on sanity.
Don't you dare lose grip of me.

I'm losing a piece of what makes me.
I want to cut the way of a train,
a self-portrait that's framed
in faith and sanity.

Time heals all wounds, but deja vous.

Is this how it feels to suffocate?
To let the waves of stress drown my psyche?
I feel like I need a holiday.
Wash me away...

Where do clouds go at night?
Collaborated in daylight they prompt
questions of substance relating
to matter rendering forms of nothing.
Concurrent, I digress from a state
of suffering, an ushering of mania.
Euphoria take hold.

The Redbull down our backs
is not as sticky as what
we want to do together.
I'm not giving up;
I'm just taking off,
and washing away.
Track Name: If a Girl Looks Swell When She Meets You, Who Give a Damn If She's Late?
The hardest part is trying to not love you.
When I go to sleep at you're in my dreams
am I in yours too?
You make my stomach quiver and fill with butterflies;
my heart pounds harder, my pulse beats louder,
when I'm with you
and when I look into your eyes.

But I'm over-rated,
so infatuated.
Why are you wasting time on me?
You're so belated;
I have been waiting for a girl like you
for ages.

So give me a chance to come to the surface and breathe.
Thoughts of you come crashing right down on me.
I wanna hold right until the end of time -
cradle you in my arms,
and kiss you like no-one's around.

Everything will be alright.
Will I see you tonight?
Was there a world before I first met you
and do you think about me too?

You're so amazing,
so intoxicating.
Come and be here by my side.
I'm no Aladdin, but I swear
whatever happens
my heart will always yearn for you.